Smaller HA’s Case Study

This case study provides an overview of the bespoke way in which Thames Laboratories are able to work with individual clients. We fully understand that the legislation and requirements are the same, but the restraints and concerns are individual.

The Client

With a stock of around 400 properties, the client is one of the smaller housing associations we work with. Over a period of time, we have developed an in-depth understanding of their individual requirements, whether they be residents concerns or stock variabilities.

Scope Of Works

After our initial meeting with the client it was identified that a full review of existing plans, procedures and policies was required. Upon having completed a full review a plan of action was put in place based on the information collated.

Stage One

The first stage of developing any strategy is identifying the current position, there are a number of procedures that make this possible. Initially, this involves reviewing data, policies, processes and undertaking a desktop analysis. For this client, it became apparent that policies were in place but the procedures did not match up.

Stage Two

Once having identified any shortfalls or missing elements in the existing Asbestos Strategy a new one can be developed. The strategies and plans we put in place are fully measurable against legislation and performance monitoring systems.

Stage Three

Having established the plans and strategies they can at this point be implemented. This can be completed through the use of Pilot Schemes or where felt appropriate, launched simultaneously across property stocks. For this client due to the identified requirements having a minimal impact on residents, the plan and survey strategy was initiated in a single phase.

Stage Four

The final stage of this level of consultancy works does not finish. The legislation and requirements are ever-evolving, which in turn requires policies, plans, and procedures to continually adapt. The development of ongoing relationships and fully understanding our clients puts us in the best position to ensure full compliance will asbestos legislation.

Social Housing – Refurbishment

HSE issued an advisory note on the refurbishment of housing stock likely to contain asbestos on 26 May 2009. The guidance and information is provided to help social housing landlords, including local authorities, housing associations, and social housing management companies manage the risks associated with asbestos-containing materials.