About us


Thames Laboratories was established in 1991 with the aim of specialising in the surveying, identification and analysis of asbestos containing materials. We have provided services to numerous public sector and private organisations in the UK and in various overseas locations.

Legal Compliance

Since its inception, Thames Laboratories has established a reputation as a leading consultancy in the specialised field of asbestos identification, management and monitoring. We are able to provide a specialist, experienced service that aims to ensure that all of your asbestos legislative requirements are met.

Latest thinking

At Thames Laboratories our objective is to provide our clients with the most up-to-date information available, enabling them to make correct decisions and to get it right first time. The company takes a pro-active and leading stance on many industry issues, and we are consistently chosen to be actively involved in Health and Safety Executive and RICS working groups and consultation panels. This, re-enforced by our active membership of leading industry bodies, means that our clients can always rely on the most up-to-date and accurate information and working practices.


We believe in strong and regular communication with our clients and with the industry. We understand that asbestos can cause distress amongst residents, occupiers, employees and anyone else that may come across the product itself or the effects it can have, we feel that ongoing communication is the best way forward for all parties involved. Throughout the undertaking of our contracts a bespoke communications package is developed providing each client with the exacting levels of communication they require.

Help is at hand

The scope and professionalism of our service is demonstrated by our wide range of clients, many of which are complex, blue-chip organisations with highly specialist needs. Alongside these, we provide expert support to a range of property specialists such as building surveyors, architects and planning supervisors and provide services at a local level. We have proved to be equally at home dealing with a sole practitioner or a major Antarctic construction project. Clients can track their asbestos records via our online management tool.

Quality first

In an environment where quality and stability of services is important, it has always been our aim to make sure that – where external third party standards are present – Thames will endeavour to meet and exceed these standards. Thames Laboratories is proud to be UKAS Accredited for its range of asbestos services and BRE Certificated for its fire inspection services. The company is completely independent and has no commercial links to any organisation involved in asbestos or fire remediation.

Map of Thames Laboaroties offices

We have three offices offering outstanding customer service throughout the UK and overseas.

Head office is in Cambridgeshire with a UKAS accredited in-house asbestos testing laboratory, an office in Redhill and an office in Leicester.