COVID-19 news update 

We know these are difficult and uncertain times. We wanted to reassure all clients that we are still here providing […]

Thames Laboratories pledge to provide free advice to charities through LandAid’s Pro Bono programme

Thames Laboratories are very pleased to have signed a pledge with LandAid to help end youth homelessness. The charity brings […]

Two companies fined after disturbing asbestos

Two companies have been fined after asbestos was found during refurbishment work. No refurbishment and demolition survey was carried out to determine the presence of asbestos on the site. Two workers stripped out the AIB without any effective precautions and therefore received significant exposure to asbestos fibres.

Mr Fluffy: Canberra’s asbestos legacy

During the 1960’s and 1970’s, homes scattered across Canberra and New South Wales were insulated by the Mr Fluffy asbestos products. Despite a national cleanup effort two decades ago, new evidence shows more than a thousand of those homes are still toxic.

What are the real costs of asbestos?

It is well known that exposure to asbestos kills. The current estimate puts the number of deaths as a result of exposure at just over 5,000 per annum. The cost of removing all asbestos from the UK would be prohibitively expensive. But if we leave it in place and the number of deaths remain, then what would this cost us?


Social housing landlords should have a ‘legal duty’ to undertake asbestos surveys. With a motion to publicise those involved in exposing members to asbestos