The European Union

The European Union, through the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, is encouraging all member nations to reduce energy wastage and seek alternate forms of renewable energy. Within the commercial sector, the requirements are twofold.

At the time of marketing for sale all commercial premises will have to have as part of the sales package an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These will be valid for 10 years and can only be produced by an Accredited Energy Assessor. Where properties are accessible to members of the public a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) will be required. Initially this will only apply to public sector premises but many occupiers are looking at EPC’s for publicly accessible properties. Unlike an EPC a DEC is only valid for 1 year and again, can only be provided by an Accredited Energy Assessor. In the domestic market we have already seen requirements introduced as part of the Home Buyers Pack for energy performance certificates. In 2008 these requirements were expanded to include social housing and rented accommodation in the form of Domestic Energy Performance Certificates.

Following an extensive training and certification programme, Thames Laboratories are able to provide our clients with a full range of energy certification including Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and Domestic Energy Performance ensure compliance with all aspects of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.